Weekly Belly Dance Classes with Mahsati


THURSDAY at Raqs Beledi: Belly Dance Special Topic Class Sessions
84 N. Main Street Waynesville, NC 28786

7:00-7:55 pm 8:00-8:55 pm
  • Starting June 9, 2016:
    Khaleegy Basics Technique
  • Starting June 9, 2016:
    Khaleegy Artistry

Class Prices and Class Cards –

[July 2018: Orders on Hold – Mahsati is Moving to Vermont!]

Class cards are good for up to 1 year from purchase.
There are no refunds for unused
classes left on your card except in emergency/special cases.
Single Weekly Drop-In Class ~ $13.00
4 Class Pass ~ $40.00
8 Class Pass ~ $72.00
12 Class Pass ~ $96.00
16 Class Pass ~ $120.00

Belly Dance Level 2: Technique
This class focuses on intermediate level technique, drills, and the essentials of belly dance. You will learn and practice intermediate level movements and concepts as well as continue to refine the foundational movements of belly dance common across most belly dance styles. The skills in this class will focus on movements from Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish, and American Orientale styles and will include movements from both stage performance and folkloric or home-style dances of the Middle East, North Africa, and Mediterranean. Suggested Pre-Requisites: Minimum of 6 months of Level 1: Technique (or) Minimum of 1 year prior belly dance study (or) Instructor approval from Mahsati (email mahsati@mahsati.com).

Belly Dance Level 2: Artistry
This class focuses on using the movements learned in Level 1: Technique in combinations and choreography and delves more deeply into the stylistic differences, musicality, and cultural history and relevance of the dance. It is highly recommended to take Level 2: Technique along with Level 2: Artistry as the exercises in the Artistry class will assume that you have the technique and skills covered in Level 2: Technique. Suggested Pre-Requisites: Minimum of 6 months of Level 1: Technique (or) Minimum of 1 year prior belly dance study (or)
Instructor approval from Mahsati (email mahsati@mahsati.com)

Belly Dance Special Class Topic Sessions: Technique & Artistry
In these special sessions, you will learn more about the technique, artistry, cultural background, props, costuming, and stylizations for specific types of traditional folkloric and modern interpretation of dances in the Belly Dance family tree. This includes the roots of folkloric dances of the Middle East, Mediterranean, and North Africa, as well as more recent branches and dance innovations that continue to grow as part of this art form. Common session types will include “Focus on Folkloric”, “Dance Cultures and History”, “Evolutions in Dance/Music”, “Saltana, Tarab, and Emotions in Dance”, “Stagecraft”, “Improvisation”, “Creating Dance Choreography”, and “Bridging the Gap: Creating a Personal Dance Style”. Suggested Pre-Requisites:

At least 6 months of prior dance experience is strongly recommended.