Foundations of Raqs Sharqi: Technique and Isolations for Belly Dance Level 1Foundations of Raqs Sharqi: Technique and Isolations for Belly Dance Level 1

Looking for a great beginner Belly Dance DVD? Or need to brush up on the basics? This is the DVD for you. Easy to follow instruction helps you get a handle on the foundational techinques of Egyptian Style Belly Dance.

Fabulous FanVeilZZ Vol. I (2008)

  • Introduction/Instruction with 1.5m
  • Basic Combinations
  • Performances: Mahsati Janan, Ra’eesah
  • Ra’naa, Show’leh, and Rising Sun Tribe

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PromoCardDVD2_copyFabulous FanVeilZZ Vol. II (2009)

  • Introduction
  • 1.5 m Combinations & Choreography
    • 4 Combinations for Single 1.5ml
    • 5 Combinations for Double 1.5m
    • Short Choreography for Double 1.5m
  • Introduction to 3m Fan Veils
  • Performances: Mahsati Janan, Lisa
    Zahiya, and Miki Bow

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Want beautiful Fan Veils?

Mahsati’s fan veils from the DVDs are from Originales by Faye who carries both pairs and singles of 1.5m and 3m fan veils in beautiful color combinations.

Mahsati also performs with fan veils from Fairy Cove Silks who custom dyes single and pairs of fans in different sizes as well as matching silk skirts and veils.

Stellar Advantage also carries beautiful fan veils in a number of different color combinations for both single and pairs of fans.

All of these great vendors also carry both Fabulous FanVeilZZ DVDs.